hey i'm bee! this is my personal website for just doing whatever i want :)
i like to keep my private life private so this isn't the most illuminating info .. but here's a little general stuff:

8th august


places you can find me online:

@tenderplanet — main blog for reblogs
@bweirdart — art blog
@mousejournal — ref/study blog .. tutorials and inspiration and stuff!
pinterest — aesthetic moodboards for all the characters for my webcomic! plus some characters who haven't even showed up yet (i do a lot of my early vague planning on there)
i also have moodboards for some of my fav movies/games/shows etc
letterboxd — i watch tons of movies so there's a lot on here! only my very fav movies get reviewed on and everything else ends up on my letterboxd page. i also have fun lists :)
cohost — cohost is a really cool new social media platform! i've almost completely switched to using it instead of twitter now, and you should too!
spotify — my playlists are a mess sorry!!
@tenderplanet — personal twitter that i don't use much
@_bweird — art twitter


tenderplanet — you are here
bweird — art portfolio! zines/projects/challenges/whatever
TUE @ 2 — my webcomic! updates weekly
WEB/COMIC/RING — an old-school ring for comics on neocities